Did you know that you can renew and protect your soles?

Why it’s important to protect soles

The most important reason to protect your soles is for Longevity. Most people wear their shoes until there’s a hole in the insole and part of their bare feet is in contact with the ground. Don’t believe me? Take a look below  

soles with holes


Most leather soles are sewn in at the bottom. This is known as a welt. Protecting these types of soles are important because once the soles are worn out the stitching becomes exposed with the ground. Once the stitching comes apart the whole bottom comes apart. Although this type of damage can be fixed, it is much more expensive than it is to prevent the stitching from unraveling   Protecting soles with rubber can have the added benefit of being slip-resistant. Leather soles are slippery in most surfaces. Adding rubber soles will increase friction on the floor to prevent you from slipping across the ground  

How you can protect soles by yourself

clear sole protectors for red bottoms  

These sole protectors are a great way to keep the original look of new shoes at the bottom. They offer some protection and are economical. They can be purchased at Amazon. But, they also have their downside.   


  • Keeps a clean and original look
  • Easy to cut and apply
  • Protects the soles from direct damage


  • Need to find the right size for shoes
  • The adhesive is not great, might not last long
  • Most clear soles can be slippery
  • Offers minimal protection to soles


What professionals do to protect soles

red rubbers on red bottoms


Cobblers can protect soles with thin rubber that is more durable. Furthermore, it has the added benefit of being slip-resistant. This method is more expensive but lasts much longer than the clear soles.


  • Clean look and aesthetically pleasing
  • Durable can wear them hard and often without having to worry about the soles
  • Slip-resistant, don’t worry about sliding across the street
  • Great protection for leather bottoms


  • More expensive
  • All cobblers aren’t created equally. Need to find a trusted professional to keep this method aesthetically pleasing and durable
  • Looks different since materials don’t match



Protecting your sole is important to extending the life of your shoes, and can save you money in the long run from having to replace or repair your shoes. Both methods to protect soles can be viable. The clear sole protectors offer a temporary solution for a few nights out and are inexpensive. Whereas, the rubber sole protectors are a long term solution. The adhesive will last longer, the rubber is more durable, and comes with the added bonus of being slip-resistant.


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My name is Sameer, a professional, cobbler by trade. I have worked as a shoe repairman for about 5 years under the tutelage of Sam, cobbler, of over 25 years. Through my experience working at a shoe repair, I heard customers asking similar questions every day. So, I decided, with the help of Sam to start a blog and educate everyone about shoes and leather.

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