How to clean suede shoes

Do you have stubborn stains on your beautiful suede shoes? Have you looked online and found hundreds of different methods that just aren’t working? Don’t fret, we are here to help make them cleaner. This is the preferred method at our shoe repair.

With these 5 products, you can clean all suede stains. Unless it’s oil, blood, or discoloration from the bleach. 

What you’ll need

  1. Suede Brush
  2. Shoe eraser 
  3. Liquid Easy Cleaner and sponge if not provided. 
  4. Suede Renew
  5. Salt Remover (Used for salt stains)

Step One: Brush Shoes

Suede Brush 

Use the metal side of the suede brush and attempt to remove stains by brushing. The brush can clean surface stains on suede. If the stain hasn’t disappeared proceed to step two 

Step Two: Use Liquid easy cleaner

Lincoln E-Z cleaner

Get a non-metallic dish soap sponge. Use salt stain remover first if stains are primarily salt. Shake Liquid easy cleaner well before opening. Apply a small amount of liquid cleaner on the sponge. Rub sponge on suede shoes vigorously on the stain. Make sure suede shoes are evenly coated in a liquid cleaner to avoid watermarks. 

Wait to dry, repeat step two up to three times if necessary, then proceed to step three 

Step Three: Brush Suede shoes 

Use the Suede Brush to brush shoes all-around to lift the nap on suede. 

If the area still contains stains process to the next step. But if the suede is free of stains, proceed to step five

Step Four: Use Shoe Eraser

Suede and Nu buck stain Eraser

Use Shoe Eraser to rub the stain gently.  Proceed to the last step if stain has disappeared 

By now the stain should have disappeared. If not, it’s likely that the stain was either oil, blood, or a colour discoloration from the bleach. Removing these stains can be challenging 

Step Five: Use Suede Renew 

Tana Black Suede Renew

Warning: use the spray in a well-ventilated area and avoid spraying close to surrounding objects (It will permanently stain surrounding with colour)

By now the stain should be gone, and the shoes may look like they need colour. Find the most appropriate suede renew for your shoes and spray as suggested by manufacturers. 

Suede Renew comes in different colours including black, brown, blue, burgundy, tan, and neutral. 


  1. Brush shoes with a suede brush
  2. If salt stains exist, use salt stain remover first then use a liquid cleaner. Wait to fully dry and repeat up to three times if necessary 
  3. Brush Suede shoes to lift nap on suede (Proceed to step 4 if stains still persist, if not proceed to step 5)
  4. Use Suede and Nubuck eraser to remove the final stain
  5. Use Suede Renew and follow manufacturers instructions

Warning: use the spray in a well-ventilated area and avoid spraying close to surrounding objects (It will permanently stain surrounding with colour)

Kiwi Shoe protector spray

If you are looking to prevent stains in the future or limit their stubbornness, I suggest you buy a shoe protector. It will save you money, time, and reduce stubborn stains from settling in your suede shoes. 


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My name is Sameer, a professional, cobbler by trade. I have worked as a shoe repairman for about 5 years under the tutelage of Sam, cobbler, of over 25 years. Through my experience working at a shoe repair, I heard customers asking similar questions every day. So, I decided, with the help of Sam to start a blog and educate everyone about shoes and leather.

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