How to stretch your shoes

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It’s always the same story, you fall in love with a pair of shoes in the store and try it on. They look amazing and feel a little snug, but comfortable enough to wear for a day. You decide to purchase them to wear for a night out with your friends.

 4 hours later you’re regretting it. Your feet are hurting and you’re ready to change into something more comfortable. 

Don’t worry, with the following 3 methods you’ll be able to stretch your shoes to comfort, and won’t have to regret your fashionable purchases.  


Method 1: Liquid Shoe Stretch

Liquid Shoe stretch

Shoe stretch liquid is often used to help break in the shoes as they are worn. Often, it can be helpful to spray liquid stretch on shoes and wear them normally. This process can be uncomfortable for snug shoes. 

A more comfortable way to use liquid stretch is by using a shoe stretcher to do the painful work for you. This method is less painful and provides a better stretch. 


Method 2: Professionals

Sam's Shoe Repair


You can always take your shoes to a local shoe repair/cobbler. They have shoe stretchers made of steel. Also, they use liquid stretch during the process to maximize the stretch on shoes. 

This ensures maximum stretch you get from the shoes. It’s more expensive, but this takes away the pain of stretching your own shoes.  

Method 3: Use Shoe stretchers

Shoe Stretcher

Using your own shoe stretcher is just as good as having a professional do it for you. You can widen shoes as long as possible without having to pay additional fees. Also, most shoe stretchers come with attachments to widen bunions and other hard to reach areas. 

This method is both economical and effective. It replicates your feet having to stretch shoes without all the pain that follows. It is recommended to stretch shoes for at least 6 hours, so leaving them to stretch overnight is best.



  1. Liquid stretch method aids in stretching but the shoes must be worn. The process can be uncomfortable for most.
  2. Professionals are able to widen shoes with expensive machines. It is effective and not painful. However, the service isn’t cheap if you plan on stretching many pairs.
  3. Shoe stretchers are just as good as a professionals stretch. You can widen the shoes for as long as you need.

We would recommend either using a professional shoe repair service or combining methods 1 and 3. Using liquid shoe stretch in combination with a shoe stretcher will be the most effective and economical method for stretching shoes. 


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My name is Sameer, a professional, cobbler by trade. I have worked as a shoe repairman for about 5 years under the tutelage of Sam, cobbler, of over 25 years. Through my experience working at a shoe repair, I heard customers asking similar questions every day. So, I decided, with the help of Sam to start a blog and educate everyone about shoes and leather.

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